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How to Contact the President About Climate Change via the Whitehouse Website

December 4, 2012

Since the House of Representatives and Senate are unlikely to provide adequate leadership in the formation of a climate change planning and policy framework we need to connect with the best available leader in our government. Currently this is President Obama. We need to contact him often to show support and encourage him to act forcefully. Please leave him a message at least once a week.

One of our effective tools for direct contact is the Submit Questions and Comments Page at the White House website. You can reach that page at the link in the previous sentence or on the right hand side of the screen under the Blogroll. Please use it with care. We will be effective when we speak to our president in sincere, polite but no uncertain terms. The most effective tone will vary with the content of the message but be sure to let him know that we are demanding action, not pleading for it.

Many people would like to use this communications channel for emotional release, to blow off steam so to speak.  Please don’t do that. It makes you look like a fruit cake and not a serious, concerned citizen.

Filling out the Submit Questions and Contact form is straight forward. The subject field has a pull down menu with several choices. Please use the Environment choice for most communications about overall climate change planning and policy efforts. If your message to the President is more focused on a specific component like energy or job creation, another subject choice might be more appropriate.

Thank you for participating and let’s make sure President Obama knows we want a clear-cut, effective planning and policy framework produced and published to the American people as soon as possible.

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