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President Obama Must Take a Strong Stand On Climate Change Planning and Policy

December 7, 2012

“”I deeply respect our president and I am grateful for the steps that he has taken, but we cannot have four more years of mentioning this occasionally and saying it’s too bad that the Congress can’t act,” Gore told the New York League of Conservation Voters.”

From an article entitled: Gore raps Obama on climate change in post-Sandy speech

I believe that Congress can act but won’t because they do not feel the political heat from their constituents. Most now know that we have a real problem on our hands. Many have a sense of its urgency. Unfortunately there is no real leadership at the Federal level that unifies the country and channels peoples concern toward the Congress.

A strong planning and policy framework developed by the President and effectively presented to the American people can change that. We can go from a milling, anxious crowd to a rapidly advancing army once we know where we are going and have confidence in our leaders directions. Americans have often shown this ability. Consider the two world wars and the space race.

Please contact Mr. Obama today and show your support for a strong climate change position on his part and for a national climate change planning and policy initiative.

The president can be reached at this link: Contact the White House

I thank you and future generations thank you. We can do this.

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