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California’s Senator Boxer is Forming a Climate Change Caucus

December 14, 2012

Please take a look at this article from The Hill’s E2 Wire. “Sen. Boxer announces plans to form ‘climate change caucus”.   This is the kind of support we need in the Senate.  I sent Senator Boxer a note thanking her for taking this action. It is reproduced below. Please write to let her know how important a good planning and policy framework is to effectively addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. She can be reached here.

Senator Boxer:

Thank you for your effort to form a climate change caucus. I support you 100% and am hoping this will be a watershed activity.

My primary concern is that the US does not have a planning and policy framework to address climate change mitigation and adaptation. I hope you will address this ASAP.

Why? Because we currently are making policy decisions without a well formed plan. Basically we are running around like the proverbial chickens with our heads cut off. Try this, try that. The rejection of the cap-and-trade mechanism was a mistake in my view. If conservatives succeed in killing the carbon tax we will be forced into using regulation as the only means to control carbon emissions.

That would be a big mistake. It would prevent us from taking advantage of the private sectors creativity and would probably fail in the long run due to the long standing framing of regulation as an undesirable activity. Please work to attain a more rational approach.

I will be republishing this om the Climate Change Planning and Policy NOW blog and sending you a trackback.

Thank you for your time in reading this and your efforts on our behalf. I, my children and grandchildren thank you for taking this problem seriously.

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